Municipal Code

Residential FAQs

Do I need a building permit?

Check this brochure supplied by the Town’s Building Inspector.

Does my pet need to be registered?

Dogs need to be registered. Proof of rabies vaccine is required. If you provide proof that the dog has been neutered, the license fee is $45 Otherwise the fee is $10. The section of the code that discusses animals in more detail is here.

I got a notice about my weeds. What is the code?

Weeds are inevitable. Please try to keep them under 12″ tall. Read more about the code here: Chapter 7, Article 4

Where can I get more information about grants for my home?

There is a section on the Residents page that has some information and links to downloadable applications.

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Business FAQs

Are there any requirements or limitations for signs?

Yes. Garden City has a recently updated sign code. Please familiarize yourself with the code here, and don’t forget to obtain a building permit for the sign.

Can I open a store to sell marijuana in Garden City?

No. There is a cap on licenses in Garden City, and that cap has been met.

Does Garden City have sales tax?

Yes. The tax rate in Garden City is 3%, for a total of 5.9%. The tax is collected by the state.

How do I get a business license?

Download the application. You can fill it out on the computer, except for the signatures. We suggest saving a copy because you will be required to submit an application each year when the license is renewed.

Submit the application with the appropriate fees. Service industries are $10 a year and retail businesses are $25. If you are thinking about getting into any aspect of the liquor business, please contact the Town Hall as soon as possible and allow us to work with you to ensure a smooth process.

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