Reporting A Traffic Crash

During significant or dangerous inclement weather, the Garden City Police Department may go on accident alert due to increased response.

Accident Alert

While on accident alert, officers will only respond to crashes when there are injuries or significant third-party property damage involved. Collision reporting can otherwise be made online as explained below.

Online Crash Reporting System (Courtesy of the Colorado State Patrol)

If you are involved in a crash with no injuries, you may be asked to complete an online accident report.

State of Colorado Online Crash Reporting System is provided to you as a courtesy by the Colorado State Patrol.

The report you submit online is filed directly with the Colorado Department of Revenue. The Colorado State Patrol and Garden City Police Department does not have access to obtain copies. If you need a copy of the report you submit, please contact the Department of Revenue at (303) 205-5600

Request a Traffic Crash Report

Crashes that are investigated and reported on by Garden City Police Department where a GCPD Officer physically responded are available through CarFax Crash Reports